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Training Management

Training Management

Training Management


What is Training Management Software?
 A Training Management System streamlines and optimizes the back-office training processes for instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Essentially, training management software provides a more efficient way for training organizations to manage, track, and sell training.

Benefits of Training Management Software

Website: build a website from scratch or integrate a TMS into an existing site
Online registration: accept online registrations and make your shopping cart a stress-free experience
Customer portal: provide a self-service portal for registrants and a company portal for team managers
Organize course logistics and resources: schedule courses, presenters, and rooms
Automate manual tasks: send registration confirmations, reminder emails, and surveys
Manage finances: capture orders, accept payments online, and issue invoices
CRM and record management: store each customer’s upcoming and past training, financials, and sales interactions
Reports and business intelligence: run reports to provide information to make data-driven business decisions

Key Features of Training Management Software

Scheduling and Resource Management Features: This training management system features to ease the complexities of scheduling and managing your instructors and other strategic training resources:
1.    Resource management
2.    Graphical course scheduling
3.    Instructor engagement portal
Operations and Logistics Features: Helping administrators optimize and automate the operations and logistics of training are these must-have training management features:
1.    To-do list consolidation
2.    Regulation and compliance monitoring
3.    Global language and currency support
4.    Automated administration
5.    Registration management
6.    Internal collaboration
7.    Audience integration
Financial Planning, and Performance Features: The ability to quantify the value of training and find efficiencies is the reality for today’s training administrators with these features:
1.    Training budget management and optimization
2.    Sales and profitability monitoring
3.    Real-time cost tracking
4.    Certification tracking
5.    Training plan management
Reporting Features: These training reporting features, help training managers to create meaningful reports, and better understand the data to gain valuable insights:
1.    Centralized business analytics and real-time KPIs
2.    Fully customizable reports
3.    Automated processes and data centralization
Sales Cycle Management Features: For those who manage and sell training as a business, these key training management system features will help to track and manage vital sales activities:
1.    Sales cycle management
2.    Training catalog and B2B Client Collaboration Portal

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