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School Mangement Software

School Mangement Software

Satya Kabir School Management Software

Single integrated system to handle entire academic processes, from admissions to exams!
Take advantage of the most popular and effective school admission softwares in India, engineered by the developers in Satya Kabir Pvt. Ltd., to help your institution flourish. Expand your reach and use a centralised system to handle all interactions with parents, students as well as the operations necessary to keep running the school smoothly. 
Today schools in India still have a greater challenge due to teams operating in isolation and heavily reliant on different technologies. As a result, the marketing budget balloons, communication breaks down between teams, parents have a bad time, and progress is stifled on a scholastic and organisational level.
We've packaged our offerings into a complete software so that you may save money while getting the most out of them for your day-to-day academic needs. Join the league of emerging schools to streamline responses to inquiries, provide parents with tailored communications, increase the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts, accept a wider variety of payment types, and boost enrolment numbers through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Why Satya Kabir School Management Software?

The Satya Kabir School Management Software has the capability to serve as the central hub for everything the school requires, including but not limited to fee payment, attendance records, admission, TC creation, keeping track of alumni contacts, etc. Because of its text messaging capabilities, we can quickly and easily reach out to parents and children.
The admin has access to a variety of crucial areas via the Front Office component, including requests from students, phone logs, visitors' books, complaints, and admission inquiries. The Student Information gives instructors and school officials quick access to all of a student's information, including name, address, academic standing, and more. 
With the panel for Fees Collection, the administrator may manage all matters pertaining to the payment of fees and significant financial records.The payrolls of the teachers employed by the school can be managed by the administration using the Income Panel. The Admin may also keep track of different expenses linked to school activities in the Expenses area. 
The Attendance Panel is a simple solution that guarantees simple handling of the leave requests and students' attendance. There is even a separate division called the Examination Panel that assists in the efficient administration of tests as well as a variety of other operations including keeping track of how many question papers need to be produced, how many admission cards need to be distributed, etc. The section called "Lesson Plan" is a godsend for teachers; among its features is the ability to create precise schedules and deadlines for finishing the different courses on the syllabus. The major purpose of the Academics division is to handle the many aspects of the academic system, including assigning a class teacher, making an effective schedule, grouping related courses for meetings, etc. The programme includes an HR panel for handling personnel directories, staff attendance, leave management, classification, department, handicapped workers, etc. Furthermore, the Communicate Panel function enables the user to control major routine tasks like controlling the notice boards, sending necessary emails and SMS, etc. The professors may post study materials, lecture notes, assignments, syllabus, and sample quizzes utilising a separate Download Center, and the students can download the same. The Homework area is another unique feature that enables the staff to keep track of daily information pertaining to home assignments. 
The Library part, which automates administration of the school library, is perhaps the most helpful component. The Inventory area enables the administrator to control the entire supply of uniforms, notes, lab supplies, library books, etc. The buses that transport students and teachers to and from school a efficiently managed by the Transport segment. There is a dedicated Hostel component that gives control over the hostel procedures to manage the operations of the hostels. The user may maintain a digitally organised copy of each student's whole database of certificates using the Certificate section. The Front Cms part of the school's website includes information about special events, a gallery with pictures from special events, news, media, and digital publications. It is simple to stay in touch with the complete school's alumni network thanks to the alumni area. The Report area is used to manage numerous reports, including those on student performance and teacher progress. The System Setting, last but not least, enables management of many important aspects of the software.
Gain insight from Dashboards and keep track of your school's performance with Satya Kabir School Management Software's extensive analytical features. Take apt decisions in real time by identifying the channels with the greatest performance, school’s top performers, and any bottlenecks.

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