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Online Exam Web Portal

Online Exam Web Portal

What is an Online Exam Web Portal?
Online Exam Web Portal is an end-to-end cloud-based online exam software that enables you to create, configure, and report online exams. It helps you create paperless, timer-based online examinations for your students. This software is highly demanded by institutes, recruiters, schools, colleges, and universities. 

Benefits of Online Exam Web Portal
Conducting Online Exams made Easier - Whether you want to create an academic entrance exam or an annual exam in your school, Online Exam Web Portal gives you the freedom to conduct online exams with ease.

Cloud-based System - End-to-end Online Exam Web Portal that is hosted on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about legacy software systems.

Scalable - Whether you’ve 1,000 students appearing at a time or 100,000, the software will take care of it.

Anti-Cheating Technology - Proctors can block navigation and disable keyboard shortcuts to conduct a cheating-free online exam.

Exam Configuring Tools - Upload bulk questions, randomize question sequences and even configure the result publishing date with just a few clicks.

Exam Day Notifications - Email and SMS integration available for communication with examinees that allows you to share key updates and notifications.

Key Features of Online Exam Portal
Highly Interactive Interface - Everything that happens in our dashboard is easy to grasp quickly. With a zero-learning curve, all your teachers and examiners can start creating exams by signing up easily and by completing a series of synchronized steps with a few clicks.

24×7 Support - We understand conducting online exams with integrity is a critical task that’s important for your organization. It is also crucial for every candidate who participates. That’s why we offer 24×7 support to ensure you can conduct online exams reliably.

Advanced Exam Reporting System - Get reports for your exams including scorecards, computational analysis, and detailed analytics on all the candidates. An ultimate combination of detailed and drilled methodologies that will eventually compliment your skills and grades.

Data Security - We take the protection of your data seriously. So much so that we have taken steps to encrypt every important data of your organization: students, exam results, and your question bank.

User and access management system for defined roles.
Regular audits of our data and network.
Secure data hosting on Cloud Services.
Authentication of examinee for conducting online exams.

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