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HRMS Management Software

HRMS Management Software

Satya Kabir HRMS Software

HR routines made easier with Satya Kabir HRMS Software; a unified system to meet the requirements of any contemporary work force and manage all of your HR tasks.
Providing a future-proof HCM platform that aids businesses in becoming a more adaptable and responsive HR department while also delivering great experiences and insights to your staff.
Designed for modern businesses, the HRMS package engineered by developers in Satya Kabir Pvt Ltd, streamlines and automates routine HR tasks, makes it easier for employees to communicate with one another, and provides useful data for improving the workplace.

Why choose Satya Kabir HRMS Software?

A significant benefit of installing Satya Kabir HRMS software is that it is worth every penny paid for, owing to the fact that it was built with flexibility and scalability in mind to become one of the leading HRMS softwares in India. Because it can be used by enterprises of any level, it can expand to accommodate the growing levels of business complexity at your organisation.
The manager may get a glimpse of the status of all open tasks, employee ratings, and monthly costs right from the Home tab. The 'Employee Panel' is where you may have direct conversations with your staff and set their roles, schedules, permissions, and privileges. Furthermore, there's even a separate panel that allows the admin to manage the core HR tasks such as any departmental decisions, important announcements and notifications, changes in policies, etc. The Finance panel is a life-saver when it comes to managing the ample amount of financial loads like keeping track of the transactions, net revenue, tax payments, employee accounts and the like. Daily notifications and updates may be sent to staff using the Alerts & Updates section. In addition, there is a special panel tasked with monitoring staff output and reallocating resources accordingly. The Payroll section of HRMS software allows for the administration of a variety of additional complex features, including but not limited to employee payroll, salary advance, and loan administration. Managers may utilise the Attendance panel to manage information such as daily attendance, leave requests, over-time requests, and the creation of monthly reports.
Once again, the manager may use the tasks panel to delegate work to specific workers while monitoring the project's overall progress. The Leads page is where the administrator can take care of all the leads. The Satya Kabir HRMS software has a specialised Training dashboard for handling things like training courses, instructor credentials, and trainee attendance. The software includes a Recruitment panel to assist the manager in managing the hiring process, including the creation of positions, the scheduling of interviews, the handling of promotions, and more.
When workers are more invested in the firm and their work, it shows in their work, and that shows in the company's brand. Having the ideal HR software installed might be the line between disgruntled workers and enthusiastic advocates for your firm. As a result, it is essential to choose a solution for human resources that can assist you in maintaining their engagement with your company.

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