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Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

Satya Kabir Hospital Management Software
An integrated solution that can revolutionize hospital operations while ensuring a better experience for patients.
The Satya Kabir Hospital Management Software is a one-stop solution that helps healthcare institutions get beyond the major problems in the current healthcare system. It was developed with an emphasis on usability, adaptability, and affordability.
Manage clinics and hospitals of any size easily with a single login in several geographical regions. Improve workflows and process clarity while increasing patient engagement via communication management. With Satya Kabir's sophisticated management software, bring a complete transformation to your hospital.

Why Satya Kabir Hospital Management Software?

In hospitals and clinics, scheduling appointments and handling patient invoices may be a hectic scenario. A structured procedure has been developed with the introduction of Satya Kabir Hospital Management Software. The greatest feature of this software is that it may decrease the consumption of paper while keeping all crucial data accessible in one place. In terms of medical health records, doctors may easily collaborate with other departments. Since medications, invoices, and other figures are kept digitally, the software aids with time savings. This makes it easier for doctors to focus on their primary duties, thanks to the sundry features of the software.
The Front Office element of the program enables the user to keep track of all patient-related information in a convenient and structured manner. The Opd In&Out Patient area makes it simple to manage the number of available beds, outstanding fees, information on the most recent visit, and the designated doctors.
The Pharmacy section helps with the creation of invoices, filling out prescriptions, and managing various types of pharmaceuticals. The pathology and radiology panels work together to arrange the many clinical tests, test reports, methodology, turnaround times for results, additional charges, etc. Additionally, the Operation Theatre area enables the administration of all kinds of surgery-related information, including the kind of surgery, the physicians engaged, the day and time of the procedure, fees charged, and similar things.
The software's Blood Bank feature, which enables real-time monitoring of the status of various blood types' availability together with information about the donors, is a lifesaver. The management may keep an eye on all the aspects pertaining to the live consultation with the hospital's physicians by using the Live Consultation area. The Tpa Management makes it simple to manage all third-party administration settings, including name, code, phone, and address.
One of the most helpful features is the Finance section since it handles the hassle-free administration of all financial figures including taxes, payrolls, and net expenditure. The Ambulance section, which includes the storing of all the required information like the number of available vehicles, available drivers, active hours of services, extra costs, and so on, has made managing the ambulances simple. Another essential component of the software is the Birth&Death Record, which provides access to information like the DOB of patients, the date of death, etc.
The Human Resources department is in charge of handling all HRM settings, including attendance, payroll, leaves, roles, and the like. The Messaging tab facilitates contact between different parties by email and SMS services. Any time a vital piece of medical information has to be promptly retrieved; Download Center is the place to go.
It is strongly advised that your hospital use the finest hospital management software. Being a delicate sector by nature, it's crucial to employ the appropriate software to increase management efficiency for hospitals, clinics, and specialists as well as provide patients with good service.

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